Madison Curling Club z McFarland, Wis. z  Feb. 19-26

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Saturday, Feb. 19 9:00 AM Women's Practice Group #1        
10:00 AM Women's Practice Group #2 Men's USADA meeting  
11:00 AM Team Meeting and Ice Maintenance  
12:00 PM Men's Practice Group #1 Women's USADA meeting  
1:00 PM Men's Practice Group #2  
2:15 PM Opening Ceremonies  
  Sensor handles Sensor handles  
      Sheet 2 Sheet 3 Sheet 4 Sheet 5 Sheet 6
Saturday, Feb. 19 4:00 PM Draw 1 (w) McCormick v. Karst Maroldo v. Sormunen Wright v. Schmitt Lank v. Richard Johnson v. O'Leary
8:00 PM Draw 2 (m) Larway v. Tucker Clark v. Ruohonen Disher v. Baird Fenson v. Eigner Brown v. Johnson
Sunday, Feb. 20 10:00 AM Draw 3 (w-shootout) Schmitt v. Johnson O'Leary v. McCormick Richard v. Maroldo Sormunen v. Wright Karst v. Lank
2:00 PM Draw 4 (m-shootout) Baird v. Brown Johnson v. Larway Eigner v. Clark Ruohonen v. Disher Tucker v. Fenson
7:00 PM Draw 5 (w) Maroldo v. Wright Lank v. Schmitt Johnson v. Sormunen Karst v. O'Leary McCormick v. Richard
Monday, Feb. 21 8:00 AM Draw 6 (m) Clark v. Disher Fenson v. Baird Brown v. Ruohonen Tucker v. Johnson Larway v. Eigner
12:00 PM Draw 7 (w) Sormunen v. McCormick Richard v. Karst O'Leary v. Lank Schmitt v. Maroldo Wright v. Johnson
4:00 PM Draw 8 (m) Ruohonen v. Larway Eigner v. Tucker Johnson v. Fenson Baird v. Clark Disher v. Brown
8:00 PM Draw 9 (w) Wright v. Richard Lank v. Sormunen Karst v. Schmitt Johnson v. McCormick Maroldo v. O'Leary
Tuesday, Feb. 22 10:00 AM Draw 10 (m) Disher v. Eigner Fenson v. Ruohonen Tucker v. Baird Brown v. Larway Clark v. Johnson
2:00 PM Draw 11 (w) Schmitt v. O'Leary Karst v. Johnson McCormick v. Wright Lank v. Maroldo Sormunen v. Richard
7:00 PM Draw 12 (m) Baird v. Johnson Tucker v. Brown Larway v. Disher Fenson v. Clark Ruohonen v. Eigner
Wednesday, Feb. 23 8:00 AM Draw 13 (w) Maroldo v. Karst Schmitt v. McCormick Richard v. Johnson O'Leary v. Sormunen Wright v. Lank
12:00 PM Draw 14 (m) Clark v. Tucker Baird v. Larway Eigner v. Brown Johnson v. Ruohonen Disher v. Fenson
4:00 PM Draw 15 (w) Johnson v. Lank O'Leary v. Wright Sormunen v. Karst Richard v. Schmitt McCormick v. Maroldo
8:00 PM Draw 16 (m) Brown v. Fenson Johnson v. Disher Ruohonen v. Tucker Eigner v. Baird Larway v. Clark
Thursday, Feb. 24 8:00 AM Draw 17 (w) O'Leary v. Richard* Johnson v. Maroldo* Lank v. McCormick* Wright v. Karst* Schmitt v. Sormunen*
12:00 PM Draw 18 (m) Johnson v. Eigner* Brown v. Clark* Fenson v. Larway* Disher v. Tucker* Baird v. Ruohonen*
4:00 PM Tiebreaker #1 Sormunen v. Wright Clark v. Brown
TBD Tiebreaker #2 Brown v. Baird
Friday,   Feb. 25      
2:00 PM M&W Page 1 Baird v Clark Johnson v. McCormick   Fenson v Brown Lank v Sormunen
7:00 PM M&W Page 2   Clark v. Brown   Johnson v. Lank  
Saturday, Feb. 26 10:00 AM Women's Final     McCormick v. Johnson    
2:00 PM Men's Final     Fenson v. Brown    
7:00 PM Closing Party          
Women in Red
Men in Blue
Team listed first has "choice" of hammer OR rocks
Shootout after second game
Teams ranked by record, then shootout score
* Flip for choice in last game
Sheet four is championship sheet
Sheets 4 and 5 have "Eye on the Hog" sensor handles