Centerville Curling Club v Centerville, Wis. v  January 28-Feb. 6


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Junior Curling

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Centerville Curling Club

2004 Jr. Worlds

2004 W/M Nationals


W L Men's Field Skip
*9 0 North Dakota Jacobson
*7 2 Minnesota Shuster
*7 2 Wisconsin Lemke
**5 4 Washington Booth
5 4 Team USA Plys
5 4 Alaska Birklid
3 6 Utah Taggart
2 7 Illinois Wilberg
2 7 Michigan Scheffler
0 9 Massachusetts Leichter
W L Women's Field Skip
*6 1 Wisconsin 2 Dassow
*5 2 Minnesota 2 Sormunen
*5 2 Alaska Schultz
*4 3 North Dakota Vorachek
3 4 Minnesota 1 Bonner
3 4 Pennsylvania Anderson
2 5 Wisconsin 1 Spatola
0 7 Illinois Moulton


* designates semifinal qualifier -- **won tiebreakers against Alaska and USA

Standings now reflect head-to-head play and shoot-out scores as well as overall records.

Tiebreaker Procedures -- Shootout Rankings

In the event of ties for playoff spots following the round robin competition, tiebreaker games will be held as necessary, on Friday, Feb. 6. No team can be eliminated from the competition without playing a game. If three teams are tied for one spot, for instance, one team would receive a bye in the first tiebreaker round based upon head-to-head results, and, if necessary, team scores from a shootout held earlier in the competition. In the shootout, each player on a team draws one rock to the button, with officials measuring the distance between the center of the button and the final resting place of the stone. Shootout rankings are as follows:
Wisconsin (Lemke) Minnesota 2 (Sormunen)
USA (Plys) Alaska (Schultz)
Utah (Taggart) North Dakota (Vorachek)
North Dakota (Jacobson) Wisconsin 1 (Spatola)
Alaska (Birklid) Wisconsin 2 (Dassow)
Minnesota (Shuster) Minnesota 1 (Bonner)
Illinois (Wilberg) Illinois (Moulton)
Washington (Booth) Pennsylvania (Anderson)
Michigan (Scheffler)
Massachusetts (Leichter)