Centerville Curling Club v Centerville, Wis. v  January 28-Feb. 7


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Centerville Curling Club

2004 Jr. Worlds

2004 W/M Nationals


Competition Schedule

10 men's teams (white squares) and eight women's teams (pink squares) are competing in their respective round robins leading to playoff rounds. Centerville Curling Club has four sheets of ice. The team listed first throws dark colored stones, practices first and has the hammer to start the game, unless the game is marked by an asterisk, in which case there will be a coin flip to determine control of the hammer.



Sat., 1/31 8 p.m. D1 IL v. WI* MA v. UT* WA v. AK* MN v. USA*
Sun., 2/1 8 a.m. D2 ND v. WI 1* AK v. MN 1* MN 2 v. PA* WI 2 v. IL*
Sun., 2/1 Noon D3 AK v. USA ND v. MI* MA v. WI UT V. IL
Sun., 2/1 4 p.m. D4 IL v. MN 2 PA v. WI 2 MN 1 v. ND WI 1 v. AK
Sun., 2/1 8 p.m. D5 MN v. ND IL v. AK USA v. UT WA v. MI
Mon., 2/2 8 a.m. D6 UT v. ND MI v. MN AK v. MA
Mon., 2/2 Noon D7 WI 2 v. MN 1 MN 2 v. WI 1 AK v. IL ND v. PA
Mon., 2/2 4 p.m. D8 MA v. WA AK v. MI WI v. USA IL v. MN
Mon., 2/2 8 p.m. D9 AK v. ND IL v. PA WI 1 v. MN 1 MN 2 v. WI 2
Tues., 2/3 10 a.m. D10 UT v. MN WA v. USA ND v. IL MI v. WI
Tues., 2/3 3 p.m. D11 WI 2 v. WI 1 MN 1 v. MN 2 ND v. IL PA v. AK
Tues., 2/3 7 p.m. D12 WI v. WA MI v. UT MN v. AK ND v. MA
Wed., 2/4 10 a.m. D13 IL v. MI USA v. MA WI v. ND WA v. UT
Wed., 2/4 3 p.m. D14 MN 2 v. AK WI 2 v. ND PA v. WI 1 IL v. MN 1
Wed., 2/4 8 p.m. D15 UT v. AK MN v. WI MI v. MA ND v. USA
Thurs., 2/5 10 a.m. D16 USA v. MI MA v. IL WA v. ND
Thurs., 2/5 3 p.m. D17 MN 1 v. PA WI 1 v. IL AK v. WI 2 ND v. MN 2
Thurs., 2/5 7 p.m. D18 ND v. AK MN v. WA USA v. IL WI v. UT
Fri., 2/6 8 a.m. D19 MA v. MN IL v. WA AK v. WI
Fri., 2/6 Noon TB1 WA v. AK (m)
Fri., 2/6 4 p.m. TB2 USA v. WA (m)
Fri., 2/6 8 p.m. Kwik Trip Hot Shots Competition
Sat., 2/7 8:30 a.m. WI2 v. ND MN v. WI MN2 v. AK ND v. WA
Sat., 2/7 2:30 p.m. WI2 v. MN2 ND v. MN