Brown, Steve

CoachesPatrick McDonald, David Palmer, Penny Greely, James Joseph, Meghan Lino
BornNov. 22, 1946, in Galesville, Wis.
HometownMadison, Wis.
OccupationOwner, Steve's Curling Supplies
FamilyMarried to Diane; daughter, Erika Brown; son, Craig Brown; 3 grandsons
Year started curling1960
EducationBusiness degree from University of Wisconsin-Stout
U.S. Army


  • U.S. Paralympic Team: 2010 (4th), 2006 (8th)
  • U.S. Women’s Nationals: 2009 (bronze), 2004 (champion), 2003 (runner-up), 1999, ’96, ’95, and ‘92 (champion); 2000, ’94, and ‘91 (runner-up), 1998, '97 and '93 (bronze)
  • Women’s Worlds: 2004 (4th), 1999 (silver), ’96, ‘92 (silver), 1995 (5th)
  • Men's Worlds: 2008 (7th), 1985 (semifinals)
  • Women’s European Masters: 1999, 1998 (second)
  • U.S. Men’s Nationals: 2000 (champion), 1985 (3rd)
  • U.S. Olympic Team – Curling: 1998 Women’s (5th), 1988 Women’s (4th)
  • U.S. Olympic Team – Curling, Trials: 1998 women’s (champion), 1991, ‘87 (qualifying champions)
  • Junior Men’s Worlds: 1994 (3rd), 1995 (5th);
  • Junior Women’s Worlds: 1994, ‘92 (2nd), 1993 (3rd)
  • USA Curling Hall of Fame: Inducted, 1998
  • U.S. Olympic Committee Curling Coach of the Year: 1996
  • USA Curling Coach of the Year: 2012, 1996


    * Men's World Championships: 1991 (bronze), 1986 (bronze), 1982 (6th)
    * Senior World Championships: 2004 (silver), 2002 (gold medalist)
    * Senior World Team Selection: 2001 (champion), 2002 (runner-up)
    * U.S. Men's Nationals:  1991, ’86, and ‘82 (champion); 1995, ’92, ’89, ’87, ’85, and ‘80 (runner-up); 1997, '96, 94, ’90, and ‘88 (3rd)
    * U. S. Olympic Team – Curling, Trials: 1987 (runner-up)
    * U.S. and World Challenge Champion: 1989
    * U.S. Mixed Champion: 1988, ’84;
    * Wisconsin Men’s Champion – 11 times; Final eight qualifier – 16 times
    * Second Chance National Qualifier: 1995
    * 126 Career victories as skip at U.S. national Championships (2nd place in career victories)
    * Participant in 26 international competitions; 18 major Canadian Cash Bonspiels since 1978; 79 Bonspiel championships
    * Madison Curling Club – Competitive League Champions: 17 times

"The strangest and most difficult day of my life was clearly the finals of the 1987 Olympic Trials. The men's team that I skipped had won a bronze medal in 1986 and were the favorites going into the trials. Astonishingly, the men's final and the women's final for the coveted Olympic berth were scheduled for the exact same time and 50 feet apart at the St. Paul (Minn.) Curling Club. There I was, playing in the most important game of my life, and 50 feet way is the women's team I coached, with my 14-year-old daughter, Erika, battling for the women's Olympic berth. It was undoubtedly the most difficult two and a half hours of my life for focus and concentration. Erika's team won, though we lost. It was an unbelievable roller coaster of emotions. I think that was the most unfortunate set of circumstances any competitor and father could ever be asked to perform under."

First curling memories: "I grew up in Galesville, Wis., population 992, six miles from the mighty Mississippi River. The local curling club was literally only three giant steps from my backyard. I developed a passion very early in life for sliding around on the ice and banging the stones. The icemaker didn't take kindly to little kids putting chips in his ice and getting it dirty, but every time he left the rink house and headed up town for coffee, we sneaked in. Typically we were caught, sworn at, and kicked out, but that never stopped us from coming back for more."

Hobbies: Collects baseball cards; caddies for daughter Erika in amateur golf tournaments across the United States.

Other favorite sports: Golf, hunting, fitness training.

Something unique: Steve's wife, Diane, and children Erika and Craig all curl. This "First Family of Curling" in the United States has competed in over 50 national and international championships.

What I'd like the world to know about curling: "Curling is a finesse/feel sport, and people often do not understand that part of the sport. Curling has been stereotyped as a country club sport for old people. But it's truly a sport for people of all ages and socioeconomic backgrounds."

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